Customized Professional Development

In addition to the programs offered at our site, we can create a series of tailored on-site and off-site professional development workshops or institutes for interested schools and districts. Contact the Outreach Coordinator at 310-825-1325 or for more information.

Programs include:

  • Cognitively Guided Instruction: A mathematical approach based on children’s thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Critical Thinking: Our award winning inquiry-based institute, which focuses on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and community and developing 21st century learners in the areas of science and social studies
  • Readers and Writers Workshop: A literacy workshop model based on student voice and choice that fosters a love of reading and writing and creates life long learners
  • Art Inquiry: An approach that allows students to use art as a means of expression, communication and representation of their ideas and understanding in all parts of the curriculum including literacy, math, science, and art