Research by CONNECT Director Noel Enyedy Explores Teaching and Learning with Interactive Technology

Interactive programs that utilize visual and physical relationships — such as the XBOX Kinect — create an opportunity for even very young students to engage in multi-modal creation. Noel Enyedy, director of CONNECT: A Center for Research and Innovation in Elementary Education that partners with UCLA Lab School, is exploring the value of using innovative technology, art and collaboration to enhance learning and inquiry in K-12 education.

Recently, Enyedy worked with UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teacher Sylvia Gentile and other researchers on a project combining pretend play and motion-tracking technology to help Primary students understand concepts in physics such as force and motion. Currently, he’s working with EC teachers and students to explore the use of interactive murals to learn about life science.

Enyedy was recently recognized with the 2013-2014 Bobbie and Mark Greenfield Faculty Award for Applied Research in Learning and Achievement. His research is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation. Click to learn more.