UCLA Lab School Green Team Takes Action and Offers Ways to Make a Big and Positive Difference in Our Environment

The Green Team is made up of UCLA Lab School students of the Intermediate and Upper Levels who are concerned about our environment. We meet weekly to discuss ideas, make plans, and take action on our concerns.

Recently we went on an eco-tour at Tree People. Students were led on a docent guided tour of 5 different cycles found in nature (water cycle, resources cycle, seed cycle, soil cycle, and air cycle). We learned that everything goes through a natural cycle, but we as humans need to start making the right choices to help these cycles out. In the water cycle, we need to clean up the trash so that it is not carried in the runoff to pollute our oceans. In the resources cycle we learned that we need to use fewer resources made from oil, such as plastic, and in the seed cycle we planted seeds that will grow into trees. We also learned how to make healthy mulch for plants in the soil cycle and how trees naturally clean the air in the air cycle.

Humans can make a big and positive difference to our environment by making small changes in our daily lives:

  1. Don’t use any more straws (plastic or paper, but especially plastic)
  2. Use a reusable water bottle (no more plastic water bottles)
  3. Buy in bulk and bring your own containers (do we really need that much packaging?)
  4. Collect rain water in a rain barrel
  5. Turn off your sprinklers when it rains
  6. Skip red meat once a week
  7. Unplug all your chargers when not in use
  8. Reusable bags for groceries
  9. Shop at local farmer’s markets
  10. Plant a garden or a tree

To read more about the Green Team, visit our blog: https://greenteam.labschool.ucla.edu/

Green Team has teamed up with The Ecology Center with a poster exhibit on The Water Effect. Please take some time to stop and read the posters around campus that highlight our invisible water consumption. Let’s cut our water footprint in half. To learn more, visit The Water Effect Campaign.