Be a Superhero: Get Your Child a Library Card


Signing up for a public library card is the first step towards academic achievement and lifelong learning. September is Library-Card-Sign-up-Month.  If you are wondering why bother, here are 5 good reasons to be sure your child has a library card.

  1. Children become readers by having access to a wide variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction.
  2. Databases, including encyclopedias and other information resources are available to students at home or online 24/7 with a library card.  Many public libraries also offer live homework help.
  3.  In addition to books, magazines, DVDs, computers, games, software and other multimedia materials, libraries provide access to e-books and e-book readers.
  4. Librarians offer reading recommendations, reference and research assistance, as well as many storytelling and reading programs.
  5. It’s free.

So be a superhero. Take your child to the public library and sign up.