Alumni Families, Here’s How to Stay Connected With Your School

We hope you’ll reach out to connect with us and make our community even stronger!

UCLA Lab School alumni have been asking how they can stay involved with the school, and many have requested to be updated on upcoming events and projects. To fill this need and enhance connections among our school community, we are working on an initiative to compile and confirm contact information for all alumni, alumni parents, and former faculty and staff.

Our school has a rich history spanning 135 years, which means there are many alumni families and former faculty and staff who we want to connect with our school community. What many people may not know, however, is that for a long time there was not one central database that housed all our alumni information.

Now, thanks to the generosity of a current UCLA Lab School family, we have been able to take on an exciting initiative to build a robust database. As this process progresses, it becomes more apparent that there are gaps in our records and that some of the contact information we do have is outdated. This is where we need your help!

Help us spread the word

We are reaching out to as many alumni families and former faculty and staff as possible to get their updated contact information, but we need you to spread the word about this initiative.

We want all our alumni families to be aware of our plan so that they know why we are requesting they update their contact information, and so that they have the opportunity to become more involved with the school. Our main goal is to reconnect alumni with UCLA Lab School as well as other alumni and former faculty.

To ensure you are on our mailing list, please email us at with your class year, phone number, address, and email so we can confirm or update your record. If you know of someone who is not receiving our emails or other communications, encourage them to reach out to us as well.

Staying in touch with alumni families and former faculty and staff is a priority at UCLA Lab School, and we are excited to accomplish our goal together!