Do You Know Where Your Sweatshirt Is? Upper II Student Volunteers Want to Reunite Owners With Items from the Lost and Found

Members of the UCLA Lab School Class of 2018 are finding homes for items lost and left behind

One baby shoe, goggles, and a tie. Our Upper II student volunteers had fun laughing about the variety of items in the Lost and Found as they sorted them. I warned them not to open thermoses or Tupperware. They never listen, though, and just screamed about the contents. One student had three sweatshirts returned.

This brave group has taken on the project of clearing out our Lost and Found area with a problem solving approach.

We made a small dent and were able to get some items to owners — including my scarf!

Students love running items to other students around the school. At the EC yard, we moved some items to classrooms with help from teachers.

On Wednesday, January 31, we will display the water bottles and clothing and have students from all classrooms take a look.


Eventually the clothes will go to our health office and a charitable organization that can use them. All clothes have to be washed before we give them away, so let’s try and help kids claim their things!

Thank you to Principal Silva for coming to Upper II and talking with the students about the challenges of the Lost and Found and leading a discussion about solutions.

Photos by Carlo Gomez, UCLA ’19