CGI Teacher Workshop: Counting Across the Grades, October 18

two girls counting a collection of buttons and recording their work

Thursday, October 18, 2018
8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
$130 per person

Deadline to Register:
October 11, 2018


  • Observe in classrooms at UCLA Lab School, debrief with teachers and plan instruction
  • Explore the day’s pedagogical focus through presentations, learning experiences, research and planning
  • Dual-language (Spanish/English) options available
  • Administrators, coaches and/or coordinators FREE if attending with a team of 2 or more
  • Priority will be given to teams of 2–8 teachers enrolling from the same school; maximum of 8 attendees per school
  • Discounts for Title 1 schools and Cotsen The Art of Teaching network
  • Lunch and parking provided

Counting Across the Grades EDGE-UCATOR Day highlights the practice of counting collections to develop both counting skills and number relations. We will unpack the four counting principles that develop in early childhood, and look at how we continue to build on them to develop mathematical principles such as place value and number sense with increasingly large numbers as children get older. We will examine how we support children’s abilities to represent their collections, and to record how they counted. We will look at how this counting work is laying the foundation for problem solving. Teachers will gain an understanding of why counting is so important to building the foundations of math in all elementary. They will also learn ways to implement and include counting into their already existing curricula.

For Further Information
Sylvia Vallejo – (310) 825-1801 /

Here’s what past participants have said:

“Observing CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) in action allowed me to visualize how this might work in my own classroom.”

“It was extremely helpful watching the teaching in action….It is so much better than reading about it or watching a short video clip!”

“I loved picking the teacher’s brain in the debrief!”

“I found it very helpful staying in one classroom for the full length of the math block. It was also helpful having the opportunity to visit two classrooms”

“I loved the debriefs with teachers because I was able to ask specific questions and hear ideas of other educators.”

“My next plan of action is stepping right into the collection counting lessons tomorrow, while its fresh in my head!”

“Something I took from this experience and that I hope to implement at my school is rethinking how I pace teaching math, giving students the choice of participation, and making space for counting collections at least once a week!”

“I learned so much! I want to use the counting collections lessons immediately with my students who need number sense practice.”

“I learned how to create a community in math!”