The Library Gazette: Progress has grown

three girls meeting as a committee in a classroom

Getting organized for our bake sale

We have made a bunch of progress on our class library project over the past couple of weeks. The art committees (“The Little Picassos” and “Las Coloristas”) have been creating new ideas and drawing/drafting for a big art piece that will become a mural for the back wall of our library.

Meanwhile, the organization committees have been sorting books for weeks and are now labeling and categorizing them into baskets.

students making signs using colorful paint and paper

Painting labels for our book baskets

The furniture and space design committees have made blueprints, measured everything in our “library,” and selected furniture within our budget. They have even been able to construct one of the couches we ordered.

The communications and public relations committees (including us) have been working so hard to keep our school community posted on our class library by taking photos, creating articles and posting in our school’s Backpack Notes newsletter.

The fundraising and financing committees (“Ka-Ching” and “Money Madness”) have been working to arrange their awesome bake sale and come up with ways to keep track of our budget and spending.

Our cultural liaison is in charge of making sure our books are diverse and there are books representing many different cultures, family structures, and religions. He has been in contact with our local independent children’s bookseller, Children’s Book World, and is working out the list of books we will purchase for our collection.

Be sure to look out for more information after spring break! Thank you to everyone at our school for your interest and your support of our project!

maker space with children and teachers constructing couch

Constructing our new couch for the library