The Library Gazette: Designing a Reading Utopia

The Upper Ⅰ students are designing and creating a new and improved classroom library between rooms 5 and 6. We are using the design thinking process to reimagine what a classroom library can look like.

There are 12 committees working hard to shape and mold our Reading Utopia. The Art Committees’ responsibilities include designing an environment that is very welcoming. They choose what color, artwork and decor the library will have. The Organization Committees are doing exactly what it sounds like. They organize the books by genre, author and series. The Furniture Designers pick out the comfy furniture and measure to make sure it will fit. Our space designers are the overall planners who make sure certain things go in the right places. They are maximizing our space. The Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee handle all the budgeting. They figure out how to buy all the books and figure out ways to raise money. We also have a Librarians’ Committee which is developing a system for tracking and checking out books. Finally, we have a Cultural Liaison who is making sure that our collection is diverse, relates to all of our readers and expands our understandings of the world.

With all this hard work, the unwelcoming classroom library from our past will become our little reading utopia!


The library we have right now is the opposite of what we want it to be. Don’t you want the hard-working kids of rooms 5&6 to have a good reading education and get sucked into the world of reading from a perfect reading environment? That’s what this new library is for. Sadly, it will not be open to the public, but worry not! If your child isn’t already in Upper I, it doesn’t mean that they won’t get to experience the new wonders of the library we are going to create. Once your child reaches Upper I, he or she will be able to get to read in the perfect reading space that we made not only for ourselves, but for the future rooms 5&6 students as well.

students working on laptops in UCLA Lab School classroom
boy working at laptop in UCLA Lab School classroom