Cotsen Mentors and Fellows Dive into Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning at UCLA Lab School

“I love everything about inquiry!” wrote one of the 40 Cotsen Mentors and Fellows who attended a fall session on inquiry-based teaching and learning at UCLA Lab School. “It’s hard to let go and have the kids at the center of the learning, but it’s so worth it when you hear them ask those fabulous questions!” she noted.

Mentors and Fellows from all across Southern California — Buena Park to Norwalk to Long Beach — gathered to reflect on their hopes for their students. They observed inquiry in action in math, writing, and science lessons. Later in the day, they participated in a launching workshop where they planned with grade-level colleagues about their next steps.

Interested Cotsen Mentors and Fellows are invited to two follow-up workshops:

Inquiry Educator Day
Thursday, January 23, 2020

Teaching with Primary Sources Edge-ucator Day
Thursday, February 27, 2020

teacher observing another teacher and students in classroom
two teachers at table attending conference