UCLA Lab School Honors Three Retired Faculty and Staff

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, longtime Demonstration Teachers Deanna Staake and Vicki Silva and staff member Ron Ando retired from UCLA Lab School. The three were honored at a celebration in June.

Vicki Silva first joined UCLA Lab School as a parent (Victor ’94 and Mariana ’00). She began working in classrooms in 1997 and by the time she retired had worked with every age group. “I look forward to having more free time and time to myself,” Silva said, “but I will dearly miss being with the children and my colleagues. This community is like a family to me.”

Ron Ando, who students fondly called “Mr. Ron,” took care of the school’s buildings and grounds for 17 years. He arrived on campus in the early mornings, walking the grounds and checking classrooms to make sure all was well and anticipating problems that might come up before teachers, students, and other staff arrived.

Deanna Staake began her journey at UCLA Lab School as a graduate student and an administrative intern more than 30 years ago. After receiving her master’s degree, she was hired as a Demonstration Teacher in 1990 and later became a Lab School parent (Nicole ’06 and Kelli ’10). “It has been an honor and a privilege to be a teacher and a parent at our school,” Staake said. “I will always be grateful for my many years here as a member of this special community, and you will all be part of my heart forever.”