Retired UCLA Lab School Nurse and Health Educator Inspires Care for School Community

Dr. Muriel Ifekwunigue served as nurse and health education specialist at UCLA Lab School for 43 years, completing her tenure in 2016. Throughout her career, she cared passionately for generations of UES and UCLA Lab School students and their families, often going above and beyond the call of duty to tend to their needs.

Dr. Ifekwunigwe’s service and caring spirit inspired the creation of the Dr. Muriel Ifekwunigwe Emergency Fund for Families, which benefits members of the school community who face hardships and are in need of financial help or other assistance. The fund has been supported with charitable donations by the school community throughout the years since its inception and has helped dozens of families during times of need.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the fund has been used to help students and their family members facing hardships related to the crisis.

For those who can, please consider making a gift to echo Dr. Ifekwunigue’s generosity and help a family in need. UCLA Lab School deeply appreciates all gifts to the fund.

To make a gift, contact Development Director Julia Howe: