UCLA Lab School Students Receive Recognition for Outstanding Written Work

Congratulations to Upper I students Isolina Cachan and Finley Baskin! They were honored this school year with awards for their written work in two major competitions.

Isolina won first place in the Local Letters for Global Change competition sponsored by the Pulitzer Center of Washington, D.C. Across the United States, K-12 student participants chose a global issue they believed their congressional representative needed to prioritize in their campaign. Then the students were asked to write a letter urging their representative to address the issue during the election season of 2019. Isolina identified the current opioid crisis as a critical matter that Senator Kamala Harris needed to address. Citing scientific research, Isolina composed a letter to Senator Harris urging for more efficient health care practices.

california coastal commission logo

Finley Baskin won honorable mention for her creative work in the California Coastal Commission 2020 Art and Poetry competition, which challenged students throughout the state to create a work of art or a poem that reflected the California coast or California marine. Finley’s poem, Turtle Gaze, was chosen from over 1,600 submissions judged by the Tabula Poetica of Chapman University.

Turtle Gaze, by Finley Baskin

the soft
sea turtle
silently swimming
in the Soundless
at the Bright
orangish yellow
the birds
swing and sail
salty air
in the