Culmination Ceremonies Celebrate Class of 2020

UCLA Lab School’s 2020 culmination looked a little different from those in years past, but the love, dedication and warmth were as strong as ever. With the state’s safer at home orders still in effect, the celebration featured the school’s first culmination car parade and virtual ceremonies via Zoom.

“Although we are not together in person this year, we are truly together in spirit,” Principal Georgia Ann Lazo told the students. “You are a truly unique group, and as your principal, I am so proud of your collective strengths. You are intelligent, creative, and you are definitely leaders.”

Awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and anti-racism demonstrations underscored that the class will be making their next steps into a world that needs active, engaged citizens now more than ever.

“This is a time to celebrate what our Upper community has achieved this year and reflect on the anti-racist work that needs to be done so that we can be agents of equity, diversity and inclusion in this extraordinary time,” said Demonstration Teacher Rebecca Heneise.

Demonstration Teacher Adriana Sheinbaum urged students to notice the “everyday heroes, the ones in plain sight and those yet to be discovered, who teach us to make the world a better place. To be a hero you don’t need a cape or a special power. You need the power to speak up, sit down, and stand with. You need empathy and compassion and a desire to listen.”

“Stay connected to and lean on each other,” said Demonstration Teacher Julie Kern. “Ask for help when you need it. And count us among the adults in your lives who will continue to care about you and be right here for you as much as you would like us to be.”

Together Sheinbaum and Kern reminded students that “When the time comes, you’ll find us waiting for you under the rainbow banners in the Redwood forest at UCLA Lab School. You are our heroes next door!”

Student Reflections

June: “UCLA Lab School is a school of perspective.”

Ashley: “I have an open mind to be inclusive to everyone.”

Delina: “Looking back, I remember all the smiles.”

Ayuka: “At UCLA Lab, I learned how to include everyone.”

Darian: “The thing I love about the Lab School is any question, thought, or idea is included. Teachers put a lot of effort into it.”

Zealand: “I am proud to have been part of Cool Tools classes.”

Lila: “I’ve loved growing up at the UCLA Lab School.”

Dara: “Don’t just dream, make it happen.”

Congratulations to Our Newest Alumni!

Upper II

Diego A.
Joseph B.
Calvin B.
Zealand B.
Zane B.
Declan C.
Stone C.
Peyton C.
Armando C.
Arianna D.
Max G-C.
Naomi I.
Anniela K.
Darian K.
Harper K.
Olivia L.
Nicolás N.
Helen N.
Sunny O.
Amara O.
Daniel P.
Wynter P.
Celine P.
Charlotte P.
Dara S.
Charlie S.
James S.
Lila T.
Honor W.
Matthew W.
Ayuka Y.

Upper I Culminating Students

Finley B.
Josefina C.
John Michael C.
Mateo Cuenca A.
Felicia D.
Ashby E-W.
Emme F.
Delina G.
Camilo G.
Ben H.
Ethan H.
June J.
Ashley K.
Carter L.
Sheila M.
Isabella Padua O.
Willem R.
Zeke R.
Adam Ross
Leo Sandmeier S.
Sophie S.
Olive S.
Sanjaya T.
Colette W.