Spotlight on Dual Language Immersion

The UCLA Lab School Dual Language Program is a strand of classrooms from Early Childhood (ages 4-6) through Upper (ages 10-12). Students engage in hands-on, minds-on learning experiences that promote critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and language development in English and Spanish. Dual language teachers, in addition, plan lessons using a variety of instructional strategies to maximize language development. The curriculum and learning goals are aligned with those in all UCLA Lab School classrooms.

Core Beliefs

  • Being multilingual and valuing cultural diversity is an advantage in our global society.
  • Children can best learn academic concepts and a second language in an integrated,experiential context.
  • Many language skills are transferable between English and Spanish.
  • Conceptual understanding is transferable between languages.

Note: Acceptance into the program is long-term from EC to Upper II. This is a commitment to our research.

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Dual Language Program Overview (PDF)

Programa de inmersión dual (PDF)

Curriculum: Dual Language Program