Students in the News for Their Creative Work

UCLA Lab School Upper I students Sasha A. and Calder K. received special recognition for their creative work.

Sasha created a portrait of Iranian-American comic Tehran Von Ghasri using Rubik’s Cubes as her medium

Rubik’s Cubes Are Building Blocks for Dazzling Art

Sasha can solve the complex Rubik’s Cube puzzle with her eyes closed. But even more impressive is the array of large-scale portraits and other artwork she creates using hundreds of the puzzle’s colored squares as her medium. Sasha’s work was recently featured on Spectrum 1 News. Asked about her process, the innovative artist said she sketches her ideas first and then pixelates the work using a computer to guide her arrangement of the squares. She made a special portrait for her parents and counts among her fans the Iranian-American comic Tehran Von Ghasri, whose portrait she created and presented as a gift. To view the Spectrum 1 story, click here.

Calder with the prize package and trophy he was awarded for “Magic Gem Race,” named “Best Outdoor & Active Play Concept” in the 15th Annual Young Inventor Challenge sponsored by People of Play

Magic Gem Race Earns Top Prize

Travel restrictions have kept Calder and his cousin Noah, who lives in Chicago, from visiting during the pandemic. Ever resourceful, the two inventors found a way to work together over Zoom, and they won a prestigious award in the process. Calder and Noah’s game “Magic Gem Race” was awarded “Best Outdoor & Active Play Concept” in the 15th Annual Young Inventor Challenge sponsored by People of Play (formerly Chicago Toy Fair). The game employs infrared technology. One player hides gems and the other uses a wand to find them. Each gem is worth a set number of points. When you aim your wand at a gem, the points are added to your score. Following the announcement of their win, the two young inventors had the opportunity to speak at GIFT (Global Innovation Field Trip), a live international platform that included participants from more than 15 countries. Calder and his cousin were able to share their invention, talk about their innovation story, and answer questions from scientists and toy designers. To view a recording of the GIFT program, click here.