2020 Class: Thank you for joining us!

8:30 a.m. – Noon
For ages 6–8 entering 1–3 in the Fall

Amazing Math & Art
What do you get when you put engaging hands-on math and delightful art together? You guessed it – something amazing! Every morning students will spend half their time exploring math concepts and the other half making art. The class is team taught in side-by-side classrooms.

Students will use the tools mathematicians use to:

  • play and create math games involving strategy and number
  • strengthen problem-solving skills by exploring word problems and riddles
  • develop number sense by counting collections and building big numbers
  • create a lemonade stand to run their own business and learn more about money

Students will also use the tools artists use to:

  • observe and interpret their world using different genres such as portraiture, mosaics and still life
  • experiment with a variety of art materials including: watercolors, acrylics, oil/chalk pastels, collage, and clay
  • explore the building blocks of art: color, line, shape, texture, value and composition
  • talk about what a piece of art might make them think and feel

Outdoor excursions are planned to the UCLA Sculpture Garden and the UCLA Fowler Museum. We will culminate our summer class with an exhibition of the children’s art work and a family math celebration. If you’re signing up with a friend, please let us know this on your registration form so we can group children accordingly.