2018 Class: Thank you for joining us!

8:30 a.m. – Noon
For ages 5–7 entering K–2 in the Fall

Social Detectives

Children will:

• learn important social skills

• develop tools for building healthy peer relationships

• gain confidence

• increase resiliency

• develop conflict resolution skills

Care Buddies is an essential social skills learning program for young children, K through 3rd grade. All children, from the very shy to the very outgoing will love this innovative social skills approach to learning. The children learn vocabulary of skills and strategies for navigating and negotiating a variety of interactions with increased comfort, competence and confidence. Each day fun activities, books and games will focus on skills and awareness central to the development and maintenance of friendships.  By the end of the summer session, the children have social skills, which provide them with the tools for building healthy relationships, increasing resiliency and resolving conflicts. Parents are invited to a parent participation party and will work with their child to pack their own folders to reinforce the skills at home.

Lab School’s Care Buddies summer program will be led by Debi Magdaleno, the Lead on our Positive Behavior Support Team.  A strong emphasis will also be placed on helping students develop coping strategies to help them navigate through life’s ups and downs.  She is looking forward to fostering a positive, highly-structured summer learning environment in which students can build, create, and grow together and where new friendships can bloom.