8:30 a.m. – Noon
For ages 8–11 entering 3–5 in the Fall
Status: Registration begins February 2017

Collaborative Play

Students will use the strategies writers use to:

  • Create imaginative characters
  • Invent far away places
  • Collaborate with other writers
  • Write a play

Students will also use the strategies artists use to:

  • Make a character more believable through improvisation and fundamentals of acting
  • Work with a variety of materials to create a costume for their character
  • Use art materials to create a setting for their invented far away place

This summer your child will have the opportunity to create a character, design a costume, and collaborate with other students in writing an original play. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of acting through improvisation games. They will get a chance to hear plays read to them, as well as read plays themselves, and ultimately participate in a collective writing of an original play. Students will create a character, design a costume, and an invented world using their vivid imagination,and explore that world as their character. Through improvised scenes as their characters, students will act out the story together. There will be an opportunity for a showcasing of the completed process at the end of the session.

By participating in this class your child will read, write, act, play, build, imagine, and create.