Class of 2021: Thank you for joining us!

For ages 6–8 entering 1–3 in the Fall

Students will be able to:

  • learn about the history of mathematics from ancient times to the present
  • develop their understanding of geography and culture
  • practice math and logic skills
  • gain experience with problem solving and critical thinking
  • expand their multiple-perspective and cooperation skills
  • play a variety of unique games
  • create art that is based on math concepts
  • learn recipes and incorporate math

Travel the world – the world of mathematics! Enjoy the games played ’round the world and across the centuries in Math Around the World. This class will present math with a multicultural perspective through fun games that have survived and thrived, challenged and entertained kids and adults for centuries.

This class will feature:

  • Roman Numerals and other number systems from around the world
  • Magic Squares – a Chinese number puzzle at least 4,000 years old.
  • Kalah – the oldest known continuously played game in history. A Kalah board was found carved into the stone pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.
  • Games of Alignment – from the United States, Europe, and Africa that will sharpen your logic skills and take off where tic-tac-toe ends!
  • Abacus – one of the earliest counting devices from China
  • Cultural virtual field trips, art, and cooking activities

Math Around the World proves that some things never change: A good game is one you want to play over and over and over. Each child will complete the course with a better understanding of our diverse world and how math connects us all. Everyone will learn and take home a variety of unique games to teach and play with friends and family.

Come join us for Math Around the World!