Class of 2021: Thank you for joining us!

For ages 5–7 entering K–2 in the Fall

Take a Peek into the Pacific!

  • Learn about marine animals and the zones they live in
  • Practice reading and math skills that focus on our marine theme
  • Create a beautiful underwater classroom through innovative art projects that used recyclable materials
  • Play games, take nature walks, and make connections between nature and the ocean

This summer we will explore what is out there, under the waves. Each week we will dive deeper and deeper into the ocean, discovering what lives in the sunlit zone, the twilight zone, the dark zone and into the abyss! We will learn about the animals that live in each zone and how they survive. We will sing songs, create art projects, and use technology.  Once we surface, you won’t look at those waves at the beach the same way again!

Ocean Explorers