For 5th & 6th Grade Students in Fall 2022

Students will stretch themselves as writers and be able to

•crack open and expand sentences, reaching for more descriptive and accurate language

•stretch a single thought across paper further than it’s ever gone before

•stick with a big idea, whether writing expository or narrative text, providing great support

•organize and edit writing so that the audience understands just what you want to say


Students will dive into upper grade mathematics and be able to

•tackle challenging logic problems, math stories, and brain teasers each day

•reason algebraically, solving one and two step algebra problems involving variables

•build stronger number sense and computation skills with fractions, decimals and percentages

•have fun every Friday by cooking with ratios and doing other hands-on math projects at home


Students will join a book club and

•choose from two great fantasy books that will carry us away into literature

•dive into that book by reading and talking with friends

•craft a Claymation project to creatively re-enact a favorite scene or invent a new one


If you are starting 5th or 6th grade in the fall and would like a joyful bit of writing, literature, and math that will keep your brain growing each day, join us on-line for this virtual class devoted to your academic side! You will need a computer that connects you to Zoom, a place to write, and a few simple supplies. You are welcome to join for any or all of the morning, as each hour will be devoted to a different subject. In between classes we’ll take movement and snack breaks at home. Come sharpen your skills and stay engaged with learning this summer from the comfort of home!