8:30 a.m. – Noon
For ages 9–12 entering 4–6 in the Fall

Students will be able to:

  • Learn about the essentials of 2D planning and 3D modeling and 3D printing through a hands-on, creative and collaborative iterative design/build process.
  • Apply a variety of measurement tools (callipers, digital scale, infrared thermometer) to plan, measure and describe scaled models of city structures and the layout of a city plan
  • Understand and apply the basics of multi-track video creation to produce short videos about their city using green screen technology
  • Engage in critical discussion about design projects with their peers using a studio-based learning approach

Does your child enjoy designing and creating things?  In this 4 week workshop, students will engage in a multidisciplinary project designed to create and present a 3D scaled model of a city of their own design. Students will learn how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design buildings, museums, schools, libraries, public artwork, parks, houses, movie theaters and more. They will learn the essential tools to render these CAD models on 3D printers, and will produce multiple 3D printed models daily to add to their developing city. In addition to producing 3Dprinted models, they will also learn video production tools and green screen technology to produce short films about each of their designs. They will learn how to create a digital map of their city with embedded QR codes to link their videos to their models. In addition, they will learn  how to  use video editing software and green screen technology to produce multi-track short videos that describe the architecture and function of their buildings and the people who occupy them.

Students will work in small groups of 3-4 students. Each group will have full control of their own suite of digital creation tools using a multi-user large interactive digital platform, digital camera, 3D printer, and more.  They will engage in the iterative design process, and participate in daily discussion and critique of their projects with their peers to develop their critical thinking skills.

By the end of the workshop, each participant will have their own scaled model of their city to bring home!