Class of 2020: Thank you for joining us!
For ages 9 –12 years entering 4–6 in the Fall

Students will:


  • Employ game design skills to develop gaming story, develop protagonist and antagonist, control and move characters or objects, elaborate game storytelling, design a winning condition, construct a game board, add sound effects, and dialogue.
  • Manipulate block-based coding utilizing variables, assigning keystrokes to objects/characters, and implementing functions and loops.
  • Utilize blueprints of coding in order to understand multiple events and actions along with conditional statements such as “if and then” statements.


  • Learn about the essentials of 2D planning and 3D modeling using Tinkercad, a cloud-based 3D modeling program.
  • Work in synchronous collaboration with partners on 3D design projects using Tinkercad over the cloud.
  • Engage in a range of design projects across multiple scales, from city buildings to name plates to imaginary characters and representations of everyday objects found at home.
  • Engage in critical discussion about design projects with their peers using a studio-based learning approach.


  • Learn how to intersect the STEM fields of 3D design and coding in Scratch; students will learn how to export their 3D digital models as elements, backgrounds, and characters in their Scratch coding projects.

Does your child enjoy designing and creating? Does your child have an interest in exploring the world of 3D design, game design, coding and 3D printing? In this 4-week workshop, students will engage in a unique multidisciplinary project, led by two UCLA Lab School demonstration teachers, designed to bring together the world of 2D digital coding and 3D digital modeling. Students will spend half the workshop learning and working in 3D design using Tinkercad, and the other half of the workshop exploring and building in Scratch, the MIT developed coding platform. Students will work individually and in collaborative pairs. They will engage in the iterative design process, and participate in daily discussion and critique of their design projects with their peers to develop their critical thinking skills.

Typical Daily Schedule 

8:45-9:45 Group A: 3D design 
8:45-9:45 Group B: Coding with Scratch  

10:45-11:45 Group A: Coding with Scratch
10:45-11:45 Group B: 3D Design