Summary of Covid Protocols

A summary of COVID protocols for UCLA Lab School shared with the school community in September includes requirements and guidelines for weekly testing, our test to stay protocol, procedures for reporting positive cases, and requirements for vaccinations and boosters.

COVID Testing
Weekly COVID-19 testing is required for children ages five and older and for all our employees. PCR tests are distributed by the classroom teacher weekly on Tuesdays and for children on day 3-5 after a classroom exposure. Those who test positive through the UCLA testing program will be contacted by the UCLA Exposure Management Team for isolation instructions. 
Quarantine/Isolation ProtocolsTest to Stay Protocol
If there is a positive case of COVID in the classroom, children may continue to come to school so long as they remain symptom free and test 3-5 days after the exposure. We will notify you of all positive COVID cases in your child’s classroom as soon as possible, typically the same day.  School-wide notifications will no longer be issued for positive COVID cases within a classroom. Only impacted classrooms or groups will be notified of positive cases. 
Household Quarantine
Consistent with LACDPH, if there is a household positive case, quarantine is no longer a requirement for your child. We strongly recommend that the household member who tested positive isolate for the required number of days and wear a mask. The child may attend UCLA Lab School if they are symptom-free.
Notifying School of Student Positive Cases
Please report all student positive cases of COVID by email and include the following information:
  1. Address your email to:
  2. Use subject line: Student Positive Covid Case — Student’s Name — CONFIDENTIAL
  3. Include in body of email:Student Positive CaseStudent’s first and last name:Date of positive test result:Last day on campus:Symptoms: Yes or NoVaccination status:Name/s of other UCLA Lab School students living in household:Best phone number to reach you:Best time to call:
Vaccinations and Boosters
Children ages five and older must be fully vaccinated or have submitted an exception request to the school. Four-year-old children must have received at least their first dose of COVID vaccine.
Booster doses for children ages 5-11 are highly recommended when available and advised by your pediatrician, but not required at this time. Please consult with your child’s pediatrician about the recommended schedule for booster does for the COVID-19 vaccine. 
Requirements and Recommendations for Vaccinations, Boosters, and COVID-19 Testing:
Primary Vaccination Series
4 and up
Booster Dose
5 -11
Booster Dose
Weekly PCR Testing
5 and up
Rapid Antigen Testing, when instructed
4 and up
Image credit: Davian Ho for the Innovative Genomics Institute