The arts help children observe our world in new ways. They serve as a dynamic lens that can widen and deepen learning in other subject areas. They enhance our ability to know and appreciate the variety of languages, cultures and people that make up our global mosaic.

We use the visual arts, music, creative movement and dance to teach students ways to express emotions and represent ideas or understand culture. By learning songs about the American Civil Rights Movement, observing and drawing a plant in its ecosystem, or creating a dance about a hurricane, children listen and look closely, explore social and scientific forces, and build ideas and understanding.

As children participate in the arts they discover the creativity within themselves and develop a vital means of expression. They develop self-confidence and the ability to work with others so that they can be active members of a collaborative community.

To aid in using the arts as a means of expression and representation, we spend time teaching artistic skills and techniques to allow children to enjoy the creative process and discover the artist within themselves as well as the world around them.