Class of 2020: Thank you for joining us!
For ages 8–12 years entering 3–6 in the Fall

Students will be able to

  • Explore a variety of musical genres
  • Create a song, working both individually and collaboratively
  • Understand the roles of a music production team and record labels
  • Sing and record a song of their choice
  • Write original song lyrics
  • Obtain a baseline knowledge of sound design and engineering
  • Learn the journey of distribution before the rise of digital music


This summer, your child can dive into the world of songwriting, music production, and the music industry. Students and teachers will use Soundtrap, a collaborative, web-based music production workspace, to write and record songs. Students will be able to bring their musical idea to life, learning tools of sound design, engineering, and production through Soundtrap. We will embark on a musical journey together by writing a song and recording our own unique part at home. Students do not need to play an instrument to enroll, but those who already play will receive guidance on playing and recording their instrument as it fits into our culminating project (class song).

The class will also offer a study of musical artists and performance venues, to highlight the inner workings of the music industry in the past and in present day. Other topics of study include instrument families and their history, and mediums of distributed music (vinyl, radio, cassette, CD, etc.). Students will also participate in a visual art project with our “Shoebox Venue” series of activities. Essential equipment needed for this class includes a laptop and headphones.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 9-10am – Morning Meeting/Lesson
  • 10-10:25am – Break for Snack
  • *10:30-10:55am – Groups A&B Office Hours; Groups C&D Studio Time
  • 11-11:10am – Stretch Break
  • *11:10-11:35am – Groups C&D Office Hours; Groups A&B Studio Time
  • 11:40-12 – Share Out/Closing Meeting

*Monday – Thursday: 2x/week Independent Work Time; 2x/week Office Hours; 

Fridays, this time slot will feature an additional lesson, student share out or office hours, as needed.
(Based on a set schedule for each student)