Black History = American History is a project by UCLA Lab School parents, teachers, and staff to highlight contributions by Black and African Americans to the culture and history of the United States. The project supports the school’s goal to foster community and encourage awareness that there are numerous points of entry to access vital pieces of history.

The resources on this page were created as part of this ongoing school-wide work.

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Books, Music, Art and Historical Highlights

Augmented Reality Experience with Muhammad Ali

Multimedia Art Exhibition

On This Day Facts

On This Day Facts | Reading List

On This Day Facts | Music Resources

Black Family Reunion — The Community Photo Archive Project


The Strong Dominoes Series

The Strong Dominoes is a series of short biographies meant to shed light on Black Americans who have used strength, resilience and brilliance as a means to make progress despite systematic racism, discrimination and personal challenges.

The series celebrates contributions made by Black Americans to the culture and history of the United States. These contributions have not only shaped American history but have made an impact globally.

Each of these figures faced challenges, solved problems, led movements that changed the perspective on how we see the world and how we treat each other. They’ve used their special and unique talents to contribute to some of the most memorable and important moments in history.

The Strong Dominoes Series is produced/written by Michael-Jerrod Glover and written by Janelle Connor, Adam Bradley, Sherman Payne and Desa Philadelphia