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Looking Ahead
Here's a list of dates to help
with your family's scheduling
for the 2015-2016 school year
Impact on Schools
Teachers from Oak Park Unified
collaborate on effective teaching
in Critical Thinking Institute
Leading Edge Research
Noel Enyedy's NSF-funded
projects explore use of
motion-tracking technology
to enhance learning

UCLA Lab School is an innovative school for children and a laboratory for teachers and researchers. The practices developed and refined here have an impact on K-12 education around the world.

Inside the classroom, the process starts with a curriculum aligned with state and national standards. The teacher listens to students and guides their experiences to incorporate the children's interests and respond to their learning needs. As the children learn and explore, they represent their understanding in a variety of ways, helping the teacher find new opportunities to guide the process further.

The result is a circle of curiosity, experience, and understanding that transforms children's lives.

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