Administration and Staff

All phone numbers are in area code 310. For general information, call 825-1801.

Principal's Office
Norma Silva Principal 825-1557
Gusmão-García Williams
Assistant Principal 206-0594
Shelley Brown Director, Finance & Operations 825-4731
Kate Tirone Assistant to the Principal 825-1557
Nancy Chakravarty Director 206-2138
Vichelle Jose Administrative Analyst 206-1134
Naty Elli-Drennon Administrative Assistant 794-5001
Laura Weishaupt Director 825-1649
Development & Alumni Engagement
Sanam Khamneipur Smith Director 825-1996
Sandra Aldama Coordinator, Development 825-1996
Katie Esparza Coordinator, Alumni 825-1996
Enrichment Program
Sylvia Vallejo Coordinator 267-4586
Extended Day Program
Marie Parks Director 206-5194
Financial Services
Sara Hernandez Administrative Assistant 206-1135
Ileana Barberena Billing Assistant 206-1135
Health Services
Muriel Ifekwunigwe Health Specialist 825-1801
Judith Kantor Librarian 825-4928
Jean Miyamoto Library Assistant 825-4928
Middle School Coordinator
Kevin North Coordinator 825-1325
TBA - 825-1325
Psychological Services
Jeffrey Jacobs Director 825-1801
Noel Enyedy Director 825-2622
Safe School
Laurie Ramirez Specialist 825-7599
School Operations
Ron Ando Coordinator 206-8484
Daniel Castro Assistant 825-1802
Ezequiel Ramirez Assistant 825-1802
Student Services
Summer School
Laurie Ramirez Director 825-1801
Sylvia Vallejo Coordinator 267-4586
Chris Cabrera Thompson IT Manager 825-2623
Steve Sherwin Tech Support 825-1004
Kendra Pizarro Tech Support 825-1004

Faculty & Teaching Assistants

To leave a phone message, call 310-825-1801.

The directory of teachers will be available soon.