Research That Benefits Children and Schools

UCLA Lab School classrooms, meeting rooms, and playgrounds serve as dynamic sites for researchers, teachers, and administrators to explore topics and issues relevant to children's education and development. On any day you can find the lab school buzzing with thoughtful activity related to exploring the best ways to support children as they learn and grow.

Our partner in this work is CONNECT, a research center housed at the school. Both UCLA Lab School and CONNECT are part of the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS).

The goals for the lab school and the research center are to stimulate innovative research that can have a positive impact on schools serving diverse populations of children, and to encourage the exchange of ideas among scholars, practitioners, and others concerned with child development and school reform.

Over the years the lab school has participated in significant work in a variety of areas, including early explorations of project based learning, team teaching, and multi-age grouping. Some of our recent work centers on integrating technology into the curriculum, teaching science for conceptual understanding, supporting children's social skills development, and ameliorating children's anxiety about school.

We invite programmatic research projects that are relevant to educational issues and help to foster a strong community of researchers and teachers who work cooperatively on a long-term basis.

If you are interested in conducting research at UCLA Lab School, contact the CONNECT research office at (310) 825-2622 or access the online application.

All researchers must submit an application and have it approved by the CONNECT office before beginning their work at the school.