What is UCLA Lab School?

UCLA Lab School is a small, innovative school for children 4-12 years old. The school serves as a laboratory for UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies and is located on the UCLA campus in Westwood.

Where is UCLA Lab School?

We are about one mile east of the 405 Freeway on Sunset Blvd. on the UCLA campus. Most of our families carpool, and we can help you arrange a carpool for your children. Also, there are city bus stops near the school, and some children come by bus.

Why should I send my child to UCLA Lab School?

  • UCLA Lab School teachers are dedicated, expert professionals with many years of experience working with children.
  • We work with each child individually to help him/her learn and grow.
  • We have state-of-the-art computer equipment in every classroom so that all students learn to use the technological tools they will need in the future.
  • Our Gonda Family Library has more than 18,000 volumes and is staffed by expert librarians. The library is open to students and parents every school day, both before and during class.
  • We offer a warm, nurturing environment where diversity and creative thinking are valued.
  • Through our dual language immersion program, Spanish speaking children are offered an opportunity to develop proficiency and literacy skills in Spanish while learning English and being taught in English. In the same classes, English speaking children have the chance to learn Spanish, and all children learn to value and respect each others’ cultural heritage.

What is the instructional program at UCLA Lab School?

Our instructional program is designed to respond to the talents and needs of every child. We offer a broad curriculum through which children develop basic skills in a way that is relevant to their own experiences and interests. Technology is integrated into the daily program as a tool to enhance the children’s learning. Our students are encouraged to become independent and creative thinkers who can communicate their ideas and understanding clearly and effectively. Children at UCLA Lab School learn to work together, to appreciate who they are as individuals, and to value each others’ diversity. Above all, we want our students to love learning.

What if my child does not speak English?

We offer instruction in both English and Spanish through our dual language immersion program. The program is based on a dual language immersion model that develops proficiency in two languages for all participating students. Spanish speaking students have the opportunity to develop proficiency and literacy skills in Spanish while also learning English and being taught in English. English speaking students develop their English skills while learning Spanish.

Will my child feel welcome at UCLA Lab School?

Definitely! We emphasize the importance of understanding and respecting the many cultural heritages that make up Los Angeles. Our families come from all parts of Los Angeles, and are from many different ethnic and economic backgrounds and diverse family structures.

What if my child needs after school care?

We offer a wonderful Extended Day Program for working parents that is available until 6:00 p.m. Childcare is also available on most Teacher Work Days and during evening programs for parents.

Can I afford to send my child to UCLA Lab School?

We want to ensure that all children who are admitted to UCLA Lab School are able to attend. Nearly 40% of our families receive some amount of tuition assistance. The actual amount of tuition paid by each family depends upon that family’s financial resources. The process of applying for tuition assistance  begins when you apply for admission. Please be aware that when you apply for tuition assistance, you will need to submit a copy of your most recent income tax reports along with your application. For more information, please contact Ileana Barberena in our Financial Services Office at (310) 206-1135.

Are children admitted only to the programs for 4- and 5-year olds or are applications accepted for all levels?

The majority of children admitted are 4- and 5-year olds, however, there are always some openings at all levels.

Is every child who applies to UCLA Lab School accepted?

We receive more applications than we have openings, so not all children who apply are able to enroll. Admissions are made to meet the research and programmatic needs of the lab school. A child’s academic skill is not considered in the admissions process.

How can I apply?

Instructions for applying can be found on the Application Process page.