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  • A unique mission and structure

    UCLA Lab School has a structure of governance that supports our unique mission as a laboratory school. As part of UCLA and the University of California, we are members of the UCLA campus community and operate within the university’s systems. UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies provides guidance for our programs in research, teaching and public engagement. The PreK-12 Programs and Schools department provides administrative and operational support for our school. The UCLA Lab School principal reports directly to the UCLA SEIS dean.

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  • UCLA School of Education and Information Studies (Ed&IS)

    Our principal reports to the Ed&IS dean, and the dean is responsible for the principal’s performance evaluation. UCLA Lab School has a direct connection to Ed&IS for:
    • research
    • teaching and learning
    • public engagement
    • development and fundraising
  • UCLA PreK-12 Programs and Schools

    We work with the PreK-12 Programs and Schools superintendent on:
    • budget
    • operations
    • health and safety
    • IT systems

How is UCLA Lab School’s governance unique?

UCLA Lab School is not part of a public school district, nor is it an independent school governed by a board of trustees. Our board is an advisory board not a governing board.

Our programs and our employees are supported and overseen by the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies.

Learn about our Board of Advisors

Community culture and decision-making

The structures within our school are designed to advance research-based and innovative ideas in education centered on goals of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We strive for a school culture that fosters open conversation, dialogue and reflection. We value a decision-making process that gives voice to multiple perspectives. Faculty co-construct curriculum and contribute to some decision-making around school policy. Our Board of Advisors—made up of a diverse group of parents, administrators and teachers—serves as an advisory and working group, helping to shape specific school plans, and serves as a forum for ideas and input on the life of our school. Students are encouraged to share their ideas, respect the ideas of others and contribute to the greater good. This system of collaboration, purpose and accountability creates a dynamic and democratic environment where all members of the community can learn together and fresh ideas can emerge.