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  • Pedagogy that unleashes a child’s potential

    Inquiry is at the heart of teaching and learning at UCLA Lab School. Our inquiry pedagogy (the way we teach) is rooted in a process of wondering, gathering information, solving problems and taking action. It is interwoven into every subject.

What are the benefits of inquiry?

  • Engages children by building on their ideas and interests
  • Offers authentic learning experiences
  • Provides a natural way to integrate art and art making
  • Deepens understanding of the curriculum through an interdisciplinary approach
  • Develops the habits of mind of lifelong learners
  • Develops empathy, emotional intelligence and socialization
  • Promotes 21st century skills: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication

How is the inquiry process structured?

As the inquiry process unfolds, children have many opportunities to explore ideas and concepts in a meaningful context. They develop their capacities to understand, innovate, evaluate, dream and make the world around them a better place.

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Our Philosophy