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  • Advancing our school’s mission as a laboratory school

    The purpose of the UCLA Board of Advisors to advise and assist the Dean of the School of Education & Information Studies and the Principal of UCLA Lab School on matters related to the UCLA Lab School mission of promoting innovation and excellence in education through research, outreach, and teaching and learning among students with a diversity of backgrounds. The board is focused on advancement efforts and fostering open and constructive communication between UCLA Lab School and the community it serves.
    The board is an advisory and working group. It is comprised of UCLA Lab School parents, alumni, administrators, and teachers who reflect our school’s diversity. The board holds a minimum of four meetings each year. Members also serve on board committees, which include Alumni Engagement, Buildings and Grounds, Development, Executive, JEDI, and UCLA Partnerships.

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  • Lauren Fujiu

  • Craig Fox

    Vice Chair
  • Kristina Brittenham

  • George Brown

  • Claudia Castillo

  • Tamar Chafets

  • Tina Christie

  • Shanna Cohen

  • Yael Cohen

  • Bobby Daly

Board of Advisors 2022 – 2023

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  • Maha Dakhil

  • Bobby Daly

  • Iman Farrior

  • Joyce Gehry

  • MJ Glover

  • Nick Green

  • Julia Howe

  • Maggie Kharrazi

  • Mary Kitchen

  • Gauri Kolhatkar

  • Georgia Lazo

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  • Ian Larkin

  • Sara-Jean Lipmen

  • Unai Nafarrate-Errasti

  • Luz Padua

  • Denise Perez

  • Jody Priselac

  • Renata Williams

  • Stephanie Weiss

  • Joseph Varet

  • Ana Lucia Vilella

What makes our school’s governance structure unique?

Learn more about UCLA Lab School’s relationship to the University, our structure of governance and the culture that supports our work as a laboratory school dedicated to research, teaching and public engagement. Visit the section on Governance.