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Teaching and learning are made better through the exchange of ideas. At UCLA Lab School, we work in partnership with educators from local and global communities to explore research-based educational practices with an emphasis on inquiry, social justice and inclusion.

Features of our curriculum:

  • Meets or exceeds educational standards in core subject areas
  • Engages learners through an inquiry approach
  • Channels children’s natural curiosity and creativity
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Builds deep understanding of subject matter
  • Promotes justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for all
  • Encourages a lifelong love of learning

List of 5 items.

  • Creating a Culture and Pedagogy of Inquiry

    Inquiry is the process of wondering about the world, posing questions, gathering information, representing understanding, solving problems, and taking action. It places student questions, ideas, and observations at the center of teaching and learning. This approach is based on values that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and builds classroom and school communities where kindness, respectful relationships, and collaboration are the norm.

    UCLA Lab School educators developed this guide for teachers who would like to create a culture and pedagogy of inquiry in their classrooms. It provides an overview of key components and practices of inquiry at the Lab School, including what both teachers and students are doing throughout the process.

    Read: Creating a Culture and Pedagogy of Inquiry
  • Pedagogical Documentation

    Teachers at UCLA Lab School initiated an action research project to investigate the practice of pedagogical documentation by students and teachers as part of inquiry instruction. The written brief, Pedagogical Documentation in Inquiry-Based Teaching & Learning, summarizes what we have learned from this research on the use of pedagogical documentation to support learning in the classroom as well as instructional planning. The research team offers these findings so that teachers in other school contexts may consider possible implications for use of pedagogical documentation to promote active learning and reflection in their classroom communities.

    Read: Pedagogical Documentation in Inquiry-Based Teaching & Learning
  • Educator Blogs

    Our teacher educator blogs capture moments of innovative instructional practice. Published in collaboration with our researcher partner at CONNECT, the blogs address subjects that include:
    • CGI Mathematics
    • Inquiry
    • Literacy
    • Playful Learning
    • Remote Learning
    Learn more by visiting the blogs on the CONNECT website 
  • Inquiry Collaborative with 15th Street School

    Since 2018, we have been working in partnership with teachers at 15th Street Elementary School in LAUSD Local District South. This collaboration is designed to bring together diverse perspectives on how to implement inquiry-based teaching and learning to maximize every child’s learning potential. Teachers use the inquiry approach developed at the Lab School as the basis for this work. We meet at both schools throughout the year to observe in each others' classrooms, try out ideas, and share our learning.
  • Partnership with Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching

    In collaboration with the Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching Program, we are working to provide opportunities for educators who want to grow their practice in inquiry based teaching and the use of primary sources. Together with the Library of Congress, UCLA Lab School and Cotsen's Art of Teaching Program are part of the Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium, which provides resources and learning opportunities for educators to use original documents, photographs, memorabilia and other artifacts to make history and abstract cultural ideas come to life for students. In a new project this year, UCLA Lab School demonstration teachers are working to support Cotsen mentor teachers and fellows in their study of inquiry based teaching and learning.