When to Apply for Admission

Applications open in September and must be completed by the closing date in December. Please see the sidebar on the Admissions page for specific dates.

Required Supplementary Documents

In addition to the completed application, please include a copy of the child’s official birth certificate and a current report card if the child is enrolled in K-5. Your application will not be considered without this information.

Application Fee

A non-refundable fee must accompany each application. If the application fee presents a financial hardship, you may apply for a fee waiver by calling the school office at (310) 825-1801. Make your check or money order payable to: UC Regents. Cash and credit payments are not accepted.

Mailing Address

Supporting documents, fee payment, and other correspondence should be addressed to:

    Admissions Office 
    UCLA Lab School 
    Box 951619
    330 Charles E. Young Dr. North
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1619

Keeping an Application Current and Active

The completed application provides us with important data. Parents must keep the school informed of any pertinent changes. Applications are not carried forward from one year to the next. If parents wish to reapply in a subsequent year after a denial of admission, they must complete an application for the appropriate year.

Personal Interviews and Letters of Recommendation

Neither letters of recommendation nor interviews are part of the application process.

Requests for Financial Assistance

UCLA Lab School offers partial fee waivers of varying amounts to students whose financial aid applications have illustrated an inability to pay full tuition. In establishing each family’s financial need, certain variables are taken into consideration such as family income, assets, and the number of family dependents.

  • Financial aid application packet
  • Baje la aplicación de ayuda financiera

Parents who are interested in applying for financial aid must submit the following documentation to our Finance Office on or before the dates indicated in the sidebar:

  • Financial Aid Application (with financial aid application fee – see sidebar)
  • Supplemental Form of Income and Expenses
  • Copy of previous year’s State and Federal Income Tax Returns*
  • Copy of current year’s State and Federal Income Tax Returns (by February deadline)

Divorced parents who have joint custody must submit both parents’ tax returns.

If you have filed or plan to file for an extension for Income Tax, you will be asked to pay full fees for the school year. Throughout the process of determining financial need, the Financial Aid Processing Center may ask for additional documentation of any claim made in the application. This documentation must be submitted in order to continue with the process. In the interest of protecting confidentiality, if you are not offered admission for your child we will shred any financial documents you have submitted to our office.

If you have questions or need assistance with the financial aid application, contact Sara Hernandez in the Finance Office.

Notification of Admission

The review of all applications will begin in January. Notices regarding admissions will be emailed in March. Families can also access this information via their online accounts in March. This information will not be given over the telephone. If you change your email address during the application period, please notify us of your new address. Families of accepted children will have 10 days to officially notify the school of their enrollment intentions.

Application Checklist

The application should include:

  • A check for the application fee (and a separate check for the financial aid fee, if applying for financial aid) made payable to UC Regents. The University requires that the issuer’s name and address be printed on the check. Please also include the applicant’s full name on all checks and correspondence. If the application fee presents a financial hardship, an application fee waiver may be requested from the school office.
  • A copy of your child’s most recent report card, if he or she is currently in school.
  • A photocopy of your child’s official birth certificate.

Remember to make a reservation to visit us as you apply online.

Information Practices Act Disclosure

UCLA Lab School is part of the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, governed by the Regents of the University of California. UCLA Lab School uses the information requested on the application form to process your application for admission. The information is also available to staff, teaching assistants, and faculty for educational purposes. Responses to all questions are mandatory unless otherwise indicated. If you do not supply the mandatory information, the processing of your application will be delayed and possibly even prevented. You will not be penalized if you do not complete those items that are optional; however, failure to complete the section on child’s ethnicity could adversely affect the child’s chances of gaining admission.

The Office of the Principal of UCLA Lab School, Box 951619, 330 Charles E. Young Drive North, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1619, telephone (310) 825-1801, maintains the information you provide on your application. The information will be provided to the state and federal governments if required by law. You have the right, according to the law, to have access to this information.