2018 Class: Thank you for joining us!

8:30 a.m. – Noon
For ages 8–11 entering 3–6 in the Fall

Art and Architecture
We will be studying Art and Architecture from different places and times. We have many enriching activities, projects and experiences planned for our “Studio”. We will explore the art, architecture, and culture of Egypt. We will learn about important structures of Egypt, investigate hieroglyphics, learn about Egyptian mythology, create our own versions of ancient structures or art from Egypt. The following weeks we will study the art and architecture of France, particularly Paris. We will look at Matisse, the Louvre Museum, the Pompidou Museum, Monet, and the Eiffel Tower. We will also cook delicious food from both cultures. Our final week we will finish projects from both countries and have a museum to share what we have learned. We will paint, build, read, plan, explore, collaborate, discover and create throughout the four weeks of the Summer Program.