2019 Class: Thank you for joining us!

For ages 5–7 entering K–2 in the Fall

Books Cook

Students will be able to:

• increase their awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of healthy eating.

• explore, prepare, and enjoy fresh foods from around the world.

• learn math skills: measuring, counting, etc.

• learn science concepts: states of matter.

• read books related to food they will be making.

• learn songs and chants about cooking.

• create a recipe book.

This summer your child’s independence, creativity, and confidence will grow with age-appropriate cooking activities that connect to academic learning, including math, art, science, social studies, and language arts.

Each cooking class is connected by a storybook and begins by looking at a map or globe, reading about the history of foods in the lesson, how they grow, and how these foods support the body.

In addition each cooking lesson will offer a basic introduction to kitchen skills (i.e, measuring, vocabulary, following directions) while encouraging proper nutrition and allowing students to explore the creative aspects of food preparation.

When learning food preparation, skill development is the main ingredient. Each class adds a heap of kitchen safety, a handful of nutrition, a pinch of literacy, math, science, art, with laughter to taste!