Ages 9-12 Entering 4-6 grade in the fall.

Students will be able to:

•identify math concepts in real-life scenarios

•practice math skills and applying computational strategies

•gain added experience with problem solving and critical thinking

•create projects based on mathematical concepts

•expand their cooperation skills

Math can be found everywhere! Science, business, the arts, nature and more, all contain elements of math. This class will focus on building strategies for solving mathematical problems students may encounter in their daily lives. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate in groups and partnerships on projects. Activities will be based on real-life scenarios.

Math in Our World will feature:

• Identifying numbers in our daily-lives

• Math in nature: patterns, symmetry

• Reading mathematically: maps, graphs, charts

• Project planning: budgets, purchases, distance

Where will you discover math in your life? The goal is for students to become more aware of the world of math in which they live. Through identifying numbers in various scenarios and problems, students will build confidence in applying their number skills.

Come join us for Math in Our World!