We give students many opportunities to develop their literacy skills by speaking, listening, reading and writing. Young children use their oral language skills to learn to read. Older children read to learn. We encourage all children to develop their passion and identity as readers and writers. Our goal is for our students to read deeply and widely and communicate effectively throughout their lives.
What you will see in our classrooms:
  • Teachers modeling and teaching the habits and strategies of good readers and writers
  • Teachers conferring one-on-one, leading small group instruction, and assessing students
  • Students working in small groups, with partners, or working independently
  • Students engaged in dialogue and discussion
  • A literature based program in which students read a variety of books of their choosing, at their own reading levels, and across genres
  • Word study that is built on a developmental spelling progression
What you will not see in our classrooms:
  • One size fits all instruction
  • A basal textbook program
  • Extensive use of workbooks and worksheets