Explore, Express, and Expand

For ages 4-5 years entering grades PK-K in the Fall
Teacher: Hasmik Cochran
Students will be able to:
  • Transition from home to school with greater ease
  • Learn to make new friends
  • Explore the environment and make choices that are meaningful and challenging
  • Become creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Gain self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Express ideas, feelings, and experiences
  • Collaborate with other children and adults
  • Learn to resolve peer and social conflicts

Young children learn about the world through a hands-on approach. Science will come alive as children observe, question and investigate and experiment with insects, plants, and/or other things in the environment. Math will become meaningful as children count, problem-solve, sort, measure, and graph interesting objects.  The world of reading and writing will become exciting and magical as children create and publish their own stories and books.

The program will be interwoven with art, cooking, music, dramatic play, singing, block-building, and storytelling. Children’s individuality will be respected, and they will be encouraged to make choices and problem-solve on their own. It is our goal to nurture the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive life of each child while offering a place to appreciate the richness of a diverse world. The children will culminate the summer program with a pajama party during class time.