Exploring Nature through Creative Arts

For ages 4-5 years entering grades PK-K in the Fall
Teacher: Linnea Paul
Children will:
  • Explore and look in depth at nature
  • Develop greater observational skills
  • Represent their thinking and ideas in a multitude of media, such as clay, papier-mache, paint, and pastels
  • Learn new vocabulary, skills, and techniques while experimenting with a variety of art materials
  • Learn to solve creative problems that may arise while creating extraordinary art
Come and explore the many ways to represent nature through visual arts.  Representing young children’s ideas in a multitude of materials fosters and deepens their understanding of the world around them.  During this four-week program, we will observe the natural environment on our beautiful campus and symbolically represent it in a variety of ways.  We will dip our hands in clay, mold papier-mache, mix paint to find undiscovered colors, layer the magic of pastels, and much more!