Garden of Friends

For ages 4-5 years entering PK-K in the Fall
Teacher: Rosie Torres
Students will be able to: 
•  Gain confidence and self-awareness skills needed in making new friends  
•  Explore exciting books, poems, and songs about friendship  
•  Express their ideas through story writing, art, and dramatic play 
•  Learn to work cooperatively as a classroom community and in  small groups 
•  Feel safe in taking risks with questioning, sharing, and problem-solving social conflicts    
•  Nurture an appreciation of the diversity that surrounds us 
We will have fun building a community of caring and respectful friends through art, science, cooking, music, singing, block-building, storytelling, and dramatic play. Each child's individuality will be respected while we work, eat, and play together. The day will be filled with opportunities to explore new friendships. Through science, by planting a seed and learning what it needs to grow, children will learn that friendships also need special care to grow and flourish. Through cooking together, preparing a friendship salad, friendship bread, and friendship soup, each child contributing an ingredient, the children will learn the special care and teamwork that friendships require. We will create our own special garden of friends and express our uniqueness through self-portraits.