Songwriting & Production

For ages 8-12 years entering grades 3-6 in the Fall
Teacher: Alanah Maguire
Students will be able to:
  • Learn the basics of one instrument from the following: keyboard, guitar, bass, or drums
  • Learn basic melodies and rhythms on the student’s instrument of choice
  • Explore a variety of musical genres
  • Sing in a variety of vocal styles
  • Express and describe what they hear and create using musical vocabulary
  • Use Soundtrap to learn composition, engineering, and production skills
  • Create songs, working both individually and collaboratively
  • Learn about famous Los Angeles venues and build their own “Shoebox Venue”
Do you want to explore playing an instrument, learn how to speak the musician’s language, and create music with a group? Join us for a dynamic summer in Songwriting & Production! Each student will choose one instrument of focus, and all students will develop vocal skills. Every student will be involved in the process of creating music, no prior experience is needed! Find your inner producer and explore the possibilities of composing digital music in Soundtrap, a web-based music production workspace.
Students will also learn about famous venues in Los Angeles, which will inspire an art project where they will design and build their own “Shoebox Venue."