Books, Cook, Create

For ages 6-8 years entering grades 1-3 in the Fall.
Teacher: Kelly Peters
Students will be able to: 
• explore, prepare, and learn about food from around the world
• read picture books that connect with the weekly theme  
• create a recipe book
• enjoy hands-on art projects
• meet new friends through creative play
• Have Fun!
This summer your child’s independence, creativity, and confidence will grow with age-appropriate cooking and art projects that connect to academic learning, including math, art, science, social studies, and language arts.  
Each week there will be a theme that will be connected by stories read by the teacher and picture books for students to explore.
There will be 2-3 cooking projects a week starting with a basic introduction to kitchen skills (i.e, measuring, vocabulary, following directions) that will allow students to explore the creative aspects of food preparation. 

Each class adds a heap of learning, a handful of recipes, a pinch of math, science, and art, and laughter to taste!