Imagine a school where children study ecology at a stream just outside their classroom...a school where kids learn together in circles that spur conversation rather than in rows of desks that isolate.

Imagine a school that infuses love of learning…that takes the time to listen to children’s ideas...that unleashes their full potential.

Innovative teaching practices taught by a premier faculty. That’s a Leading Edge-ucation.


What if every child and every teacher had the benefit of UCLA Lab School research and teaching practices? It’s a lofty goal, but it’s part of our mission.

Our acclaimed outreach program shares knowledge with schools everywhere through classroom observation, workshops and seminars.

At UCLA Lab School we believe every student deserves a Leading Edge-ucation.


What is the role of mindfulness in learning? Can virtual reality help students understand science? How do we promote empathy among preschoolers?

At UCLA Lab School we study questions like these every day. Through our association with the UCLA School of Education & Information Studies we also find answers…answers that our teachers put into practice.

Research — It’s a critical edge no other primary school can offer.

Since 1882, UCLA Lab School has been researching how to maximize children’s learning potential. We use this research to teach in a way that develops students’ love of learning, critical thinking, confidence, an appreciation of cultural differences and an ability to adapt to an ever-changing world. Then we make it our mission to share these innovative practices with schools across the community, the state and the nation.

We research, teach and outreach for the good of all children.