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  • Research Participation at UCLA Lab School

    When you enroll your child at our school or when you join our faculty and staff, you are joining a community of learners who are helping to improve education for children across the state, our nation, and the globe. Every UCLA Lab School student and all our faculty participate in research.


Our partner in this work is the CONNECT research center. The center is part of the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies.

The close partnership between CONNECT and the Lab School helps to foster a strong community of researchers and teachers who work cooperatively on a long-term basis. We regularly hear from researchers that they choose our school because of its diversity, teacher knowledge of research, and CONNECT’s support. This in turn helps to generate research that has real relevance for educators, students, and families.

Research Review Committee

The CONNECT team coordinates the research review committee, which is made up of members of the UCLA Lab School faculty and staff, School of Education & Information Studies faculty, and UCLA Lab School parents. The committee evaluates the potential benefits of the proposed research and measures these benefits in relation to the needs of a diverse student population. They are responsible for ensuring that all studies conducted at UCLA Lab School are designed with the ideals of subject protection and risk minimization at their core.

Teacher Action Research Projects

Our school helps facilitate research studies across diverse fields, including anthropology, psychology, linguistics, education, business, and others. Of particular interest are teacher action research projects where our demonstration teachers investigate topics to support innovation in teaching and learning. We are proud of our teachers and the special role they play in our long history of service to the larger educational field.

Research Review Steps

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  • Research Application

    Researchers interested in conducting projects at UCLA Lab School must complete and submit a research application through CONNECT.
  • Research Review Committee

    All studies implemented at our school must first be approved by the research review committee and the UCLA Office of the Human Research Protection Program.
  • Backpack Notes

    Parents and caregivers are informed about upcoming research studies through announcements in Backpack Notes, a weekly newsletter distributed to the school community. These announcements include information about the study’s purpose, methods, and principal researchers.